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Default Honda aluminum lower control arms and classing clarification

I'm going for STS classing with the '95 Integra GSR.

So I can't really make up my mind on what the SCCA classing rules mean for the replacement Honda aluminum lower control arms. I'm talking about these:

Under section 14.8.H.1 it says:
H. Camber kits (also known as camber compensators) may be installed. These kits consist of either adjustable length arms or arm mounts (including ball joints) that provide a lateral adjustment to the effective length of a control arm. Alignment outside the factory specifications is allowed. The following restrictions apply:
1. On double/unequal arm (e.g., wishbone, multi-link) suspensions, only the upper arms OR lower arms may be modified or replaced, but not both. Non-integral longitudinal arms that primarily control fore/aft wheel movement (e.g., trailing arm(s) or link(s) of a multi-link suspension) may not be replaced, changed, or modified.

Most (if not all) aftermarket lower control arms do not change any suspension geometry and wouldn't affect my camber. However, the aftermarket arms are obviously modified, providing a lighter arm and multiple sway bar attachment points. (Multiple sway bar attachments points appear to be legal under 14.7, correct me if I'm wrong.)

I know the general rule of thumb with SCCA rules is: If the rules specifically say that you can change the part, then it's ok. If the rules say nothing about it, then don't touch it.

I am assuming the following: Since the rules do not mention anything about allowing ALL suspension changes until SM, that would mean that the aluminum Honda lower control arm replacements would put me in SM. (Section 16.1.E - "Suspension components are unrestricted as long as they use the original attachment points.")

I'm looking for confirmation on my assumption.
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