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Thanks for the replies, guys!

I just wanted some aluminum lower control arms so that I could fit in with the rest of the cool Honda kids. *sad face*

Haha! :-P

Those arms do give some advantage, but I am far from being able to use what advantages they give. The stock arms are perfectly fine for now. I'm going to give all of my suspension bits new hardened rubber bushings so this will make for some nice handling improvements. It's getting a bigger rear sway, too.

I'm definitely going with camber kits front and rear as I will be going lower, at least one inch. I'm getting a Ground Control coilover kit and I need to give them a call today to figure out what I want for custom spring rates and drop.

I drove all last year on stock hardware. It was miserable! So much body roll! But on the other hand, I now know what I want and need to do to improve handling. I think "baby steps" is good for me. There will be enough changes for me to get used to. Staying STS keeps me from making too many changes at once. Plus my budget is happy that I'm not going SM. I don't know that I could resist a carbon fiber hood and a Type R wing replacement. *grin*

I agree, it's going to be hard to be competitive with the Miatas (darn those awesome cars!) If I wouldn't have biffed a few cones at WIR, I would have been much higher ranked - I was driving STS in the MR2 that day. You know, I really can't win either way... stay stock, be frustrated with my car all year, and get trounced by Ben's Fiesta ST in HS or go STS and get trounced by Miata's. I think I have a better chance against the Miatas. *sigh* Haha!

If I like the direction that my car is going in after these changes, then a move to SM will be in the cards. I just don't need to be buying all the spherical bearings, carbon fiber pieces, and aero kits off the bat. I'd probably ruin my car because I would go waaaay too far with it. STS limits me to sane levels of changes. :-)
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