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Originally Posted by austin View Post
got through all the photos from last Saturdays event finally. here they are
Some amazing captures in there, Austin. Well done as always!

It's a running gag among some of us that Dana seems to lack any sense of his own mortality, and I think this album backs that up.

I mean...come on:
(╯□)╯︵ |>
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or respect for someone elses car. it sounded like a hard hit when he did that. two wheels in the air isn't helping in anyway. thanks got lucky with the photos. saw there was a couple other people taking photos. anybody post those up?
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It's pretty easy to get a car on two wheels on the top of that hill. The right side of the car is unloaded and lifts easily.

Tiffany posted some pictures on Facebook from that day.
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Sweet pics. Yeah I agree it is pretty easy to get on 2 wheels there. I have had it happen few times but never lucky enough to get a pic of it lol..... only inside vid where can hear car slam down hard.
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