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Fantastic event, everybody. The variety was a lot of fun, the drag races had some hilarious matchups, and the whole "it doesn't matter" attitude just made the whole thing feel really laid back.

A great idea, and executed well. Thanks all!
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to bad I couldn't make it. any photos
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Results from the event have been posted to FVSCC.COM, thanks to everyone who made it out.
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Glad you enjoyed it Ben.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to FVSCC's 60th Anniversary Mixer Autocross. And a big thanks to all the people who kept the club going for 60 years. The Burhans family, Jim Carpiaux, Rob Kovach, Ken Kiesgen, Nancy Kangas, Alex Moss, Seth VanHecklan, and Dale Lind to name a few. There are a lot more before my time with the club. Hope I didn't forget to list anyone. And of course our current board members - Matt Bauer, Matt Peronto, Justin LaCerte, Colin Vickman, and Tom Hille. Special mention for Jeff Arps and Austin Boynton.

Here's looking forward to our 70th anniversary. If you couldn't make it to the mixer try and make it to the Aug. 13th autocross at Road America. We're going to make that a special day also.
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