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Default FVSCC Autocross Event July 21st and 22nd at Sawyer Airport in MI

FVSCC will be co-hosting a two day event with Lake Superior SCCA at Sawyer Airport in Gwinn, MI on Saturday July 21 and Sunday July 22nd.

This will be a two day points event for FVSCC members if you are interested in our season competition.

The autocross will take place on a concrete surface that in the past was used for parking B52s. Needless to say this is an open smooth parking lot with no obstacles to hit. The course will be a copy of a past course SCCA used at nationals competition - in other words it will be fast open flowing set up. Lots of fun to be had.

Because SCCA insurance will be used at this event. The cost to enter this event will be $10 more for people who are not SCCA members.

Cost with pre-registration- Non SCCA member: $40 for one day. $60 for two days.
SCCA member: $30 for one day. $50 for two days.


Sawyer International Airport
125 Avenue G
Gwinn, MI 49841

Pre-registration will be open 1 month before the event date.

There will be free on site camping available.
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on site camping. sweet. this is the weekend I cant make. damn the luck.
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Austin, you were there last year for the events. Can you imaging camping there? Wow!

This is a great site. One of the top 5 in America. It's a great secret, and a privilege to race on it.
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yeah that would be great. I think I can make the second weekend there.
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Registration is now open for the July 21-22 autocross at Sawyer International Airport in Gwinn, Michigan – see the MyAutoEvents link below. This will be a co-sponsored event by the SCCA Lake Superior Region and the Fox Valley Sports Car Club. A few things to note:
1. Please note that Sawyer Airport is on Eastern Time, and all event schedules are given in Eastern Time. So when it says that on-site registration opens at 9:00am, that means 8:00am Central Time.
2. This year, the airport was upgraded to a Class 3, which means we need to provide our own enhanced security around the perimeter of our event, per TSA requirements. Several of the SCCA and FVSCC members will be there as the security team with TSA badges. Please see the instructions on the registration page, as well as when you arrive. We need to follow this to the letter.
3. We are going to have lunch available on site for purchase, brought in by a local vendor. Our goal is to have 12 runs on Saturday plus 12 runs on Sunday. Please try to bring a lunch or plan to purchase one on site. Since Sawyer is kind of out in the sticks, we are trying to keep everyone on site for lunch so that we can get the maximum number of runs in. For this to happen, we can’t be waiting 90 minutes for everyone to return from lunch. You don’t want to be That Guy.
4. This event is being sanctioned and insured under SCCA, which means that non-SCCA members need to purchase a $10.00 weekend membership for insurance coverage. Sorry, but FVSCC members that are not SCCA members still need to purchase the weekend coverage. On the bright side, the price per run is as low as you will find anywhere else.
5. Sawyer is large enough that we can run exact replicas of SCCA Nationals courses. This event will be a replica of the 2017 Nationals East Course.
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Results from both days have been posted to Thanks to everyone who made it out!
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This was an *extremely* well run event despite the burden of the extra TSA security rules. Even if a few people forgot when they could enter the tarmac and when not, everybody acted like adults.

A lot of great fellowship, and the course was a blast.

Them Yoopers are alright!

Justin, I see that just the best times were posted. Are the individual run times available? My daughter was really interested in her progression.

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Agreed, brilliant execution. Hat tip to Tom King for praising this event at the banquet back in February (his glowing recommendation convinced me to go); this was a big, fast, exhilarating course.

And the big question...did the FVSCC win the battle-of-the-clubs prize in the end?

My best time of day:
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Originally Posted by mr_adams View Post
And the big question...did the FVSCC win the battle-of-the-clubs prize in the end?
Seriously, this is what we need to know!
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Unfortunately we were hit by major problems with timing on both days, so I doubt that we'll get the individual run times together.

The battle between the SCCA and FVSCC was as close as it gets!

After Saturday, SCCA had the lead 11-10. With more of our people coming on Sunday I was pretty confident that we could make up ground.

At the end of the day we got 11 people into the top 20, but with Peter Modjeski taking FTD for the SCCA team again the series ended tied at 21.
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